Photo by Sara & Rocky Garza

Hello! I’m Chelsea, a twenty-something newlywed living in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. An internal auditor and CPA by day, this creative side has taken me by surprise. Welcome to the chronicles of Craft & Composition – a place where I share my love for the Craft of all things functional and beautiful and the Composition of storied homes. I’m happy you’re here!

A little bit about me

I inherited my Papa’s satisfaction of giving new life to furniture with old stories. I love rubber stamps, vinyl records, and fresh white hydrangeas. I think I could drink smoothies and eat Sno Beach for the rest of my days. Indoor plants make me happy, as long as I am keeping them happy. I collect Christmas tree ornaments to bring the memories of traveling adventures back home. Speaking of home, it’s important for me to remember these dwellings are temporary. None of this life is worth the living if not for the beauty and grace of Jesus.

How we got here

On Labor Day weekend of 2013, the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! In the seven months of wedding planning that followed, my main focus was that our guests would feel welcome, cared for, and thought of. Beyond that, I envisioned our reception being an environment of celebration, gratitude, liveliness, and joy. From our vows to the favors, I wanted our wedding day to be a depiction of us, in all of our glorious imperfection.

Home is a lot like that.

In the time since our wedding day, my heart has been resonating with the beauty and purpose of creating a home that reflects the people who dwell within its walls. The thoughtful composition of a place that is both meaningful and functional is a wonderful endeavor. Not only does it serve as a resting and refueling place, home can also be the backdrop to heartwarming memories with family and friends.

Our first home is a 742 square foot apartment in the Texas Hill Country. We dream of purchasing a small home at some point, but this place is perfect for our life right now. I have really enjoyed learning how to design and clean such a manageable amount of space while figuring out how to maximize every inch of it!

What you can find here

  • Chronicles of my ongoing journey in creating a place we love coming home to, including simple DIY projects, furniture facelifts, and organization tips
  • Before-and-after room transformations
  • Detailed touches from our wedding day
  • Inspiring places, people, and pictures with a translation to the everyday
  • Meaningful moments from our own life in Austin

This blog will be a work in progress, but aren’t we too? As our lives evolve, so will our homes. I’m excited to be on this journey together.