Stamped Pillow

DIY Stamped Pillow

When it came time to decorate our bedroom (and even during creating our wedding registries) I was confronted with the challenge of blending masculine and feminine tastes for the first time. We agreed on a white duvet with a heathered gray quilt from Pottery Barn, which laid the foundation for the rest of the room. These soft and comforting colors are anchored with black furniture, frames, and accents. Above all, it was going to be our space, and we want it to remain that way as the years go on and even as our family changes. What better way to make it our space than reminding ourselves of the day that made us an “us”?

Chelsea & Jeff First Dance
Photo by Sara & Rocky Photography

I will post on this blog about the details of our wedding day since that’s when I discovered a lot of this creative, “maker” side. This post is about how we brought our wedding home.

Our first dance was to “Forever Like That” by Ben Rector, and those three minutes might have been some of my favorite of the entire night. So freshly and finally husband and wife, it was a time of romance and joy, in our own little world while surrounded by all of our family and friends. Now that I know what that moment is like, I won’t look at first dances the same way again!

I wanted something really personalized to remind us of that moment on a daily basis and was inspired by pillows on Etsy like this. Bonus of creating one myself was that it was less expensive and more “us”.

STEP ONE: Order alphabet stamps off Etsy.

STEP TWO: Buy stamp block. I got mine on sale at Hobby Lobby. The gridlines were super helpful to keep the letters straight.

STEP THREE: Buy pillow (I found one on sale at West Elm). I would suggest a linen or cotton material, but you have a lot of flexibility with the color/pattern and size.

STEP FOUR: Buy pillow form. I also bought this at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.

STEP FIVE: Use painter’s tape to create straight lines. I knew I wanted three lines aligned left, so I divided the pillow into horizontal thirds with margin on the top, bottom, and left.

Pillow tape lines

STEP SIX: Cut out alphabet stamps into individual letters. I used double sided tape to adhere them to the stamp block.

STEP SEVEN: Stamp away! I already had this stamp pad from Hobby Lobby, and it was great having a larger one.

I did this one afternoon when Jeff wasn’t home and placed it on the bed to surprise him that evening. Not only was it less expensive than buying a new pillow, you can’t beat that personal touch!


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